Carolina Crab. Pork Cheeks. Masa Gnocchi. That’s Your Sandy Benefit Dinner. We Approve.

Dear Members of The Culinary Cognoscenti: Let’s not slack off in our relief efforts, which in this case requires making a reservation, eating good food and drinking good wine. All in all a pretty okay arrangement! So we’re happy to say Hearth Restaurant still has space left for this $250 per person Sandy benefit dinner being held this Monday. Here’s your menu, brothers and sisters: 


We’ve had the good fortune of attending an excellent benefit dinner at Hearth recently, and rest assured, these guys get it right. We’re calling this one a GOOD DEAL. Oh, and in case you’re interested, this is an NYC Food Flood event, “a relief effort to feed New Yorkers in need.” The group was founded by Chefs Andrew Carmellini, George Mendes, Seamus Mullen and Marco Canora in the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy. Why? Because that’s how they roll.