Buying This Shirt Lets You Buy More Cronuts.4

Dominique Ansel charges $5 for a cronut, his croissant-doughnut hybrid. He could really charge $30, and people would still line up to buy them. We know this is true because there’s a community of scalpers on Craigslist selling them for about as much. 

But Ansel has instead found a way to help humanity by leveraging the discrepancy between what he charges and what people are willing to pay. He’s increasing the maximum per person cronut limit from two to four in September if you buy this $20 t-shirt and wear it to the bakery. The purchase of each t-shirt will provide 50 free meals to New Yorkers though the Food Bank for New York.

So you end up effectively paying $40 for four cronuts ($20 t-shirt, $20 for four pastries). And instead of getting a decreased sense of value by paying more to the scalpers, you instead get an increased sense of value because you know you did something good for the world.

And you get more cronuts.  We this is pretty darn cool. 

Momofuku's David Chang Will Cook at Meadowood. Tickets Go on Sale Tuesday Morning. 4

The Restaurant at Meadowood’s “Twelve Days of Christmas” series of collaborative charity dinners continues into its sixth year, with tickets going on sale Tuesday morning. My good colleague Patrick Cole and I report on this year’s crop of participating chefs over at Bloomberg News. As usual, it’s a SOLID GROUP, which includes Manresa’s David Kinch, Pok Pok Ny’s Andy Ricker, Blanca’s Carlo Mirarchi and Momofuku’s David Chang. 

Christopher Kostow, the chef at the three Michelin-starred Meadowood, will be cooking the last meal of the series, as always. 

Dinners run $395 per person, inclusive of wine pairings. Tax and tip are extra. Chefs counter seats, which also include vino, cost $750 and will involve a more expanded menu. Those splurging for the spendier option will be invited to Meadowood’s “lineup meeting” and will receive a Twelve Days chef’s coat and apron, a VIP visit to that evening’s winery and a gift from the vintner. 

Keep in mind that 20% of the proceeds will go to Napa Emergency Women’s Services, providing aid and shelter to domestic violence victims, as well as toward the Holly Cranston Memorial Fund, which gives scholarships to those preparing for careers in helping children with special needs. And we hear the food is pretty good too! These are, after all, dinners you can’t get elsewhere. Where else will you find a chef like Andy Ricker, the guy behind the super-casual Pok Pok, serving a proper tasting menu at a fancypants joint like Meadowood? Nowhere. We’re stoked about that one.

Yep, it’s a GOOD DEAL. 

Modest Needs is offering grants of up to $1,500 for restaurant workers and other low-income workers impacted by Superstorm Sandy4

Apply for those grants here, or perhaps you’d like to donate as well! These aren’t loans; they don’t need to be paid back.

This is most definitely a GOOD DEAL. 

If you’re a restaurant owner, you can find out more about federal disaster loans (which do need to be paid back) over here at The Bad Deal.