This Jersey City restaurant raised over $18,000 in Kickstarter funds then lost up to $20,000 in Sandy-inflicted damage4

That’s the bad news. The good news is that Thirty Acres is packed. And it’s no further from Manhattan than Brooklyn. Really, you’ve spent more time commuting to Roberta’s. As such, I award 2.5 stars to Thirty Acres in my Bloomberg News review today. Husband and wife owners Kevin and Alex Pemoulie say they hope to make some of the losses back through insurance. Here’s what Alex & Kevin tell me:

  • "We lost probably $15k to $20k in product that we had to throw away and lost income. We are incredibly lucky that we didn’t lose anything else, that our building only had minimal damage, and that it looks like insurance will cover a portion of our waste and lost income. We haven’t received any money from insurance yet, but are hopeful that we will get at least a portion reimbursed.”

Oh, did I forget to mention that these guys rock? How remiss on my part. So:

These guys ROCK.