We at The Bad Deal & The Price Hike are flattered that good people have had good things to say about us. Here’s a somewhat immodest selection of interviews,  write-ups and shout-outs. 

The Bad Deal:  

  1. Huffington Post: “Food Critic Exposes The Bad Dining Deals From Groupon, Gilt and More.” (Interview)
  2. “Website of The Day: The Bad Deal.”
  3. Village Voice: “Fools and Their Money.”
  4. The Awl: “The Bad Deal: Check Before You Buy…”
  5. Baltimore Sun: “The Eight Bad Deal Rules.” 
  6. “There’s Such Thing as a Bad Daily Deal.” 
  7. “Sutton Slams At Vermilion’s Chopped & Iron Chef Tasting Menu.” 

The Price Hike:

  1. New York Times: Diner’s Journal Blog, “Reviewing Desmond’s.”
  2. New York Times: Economix Blog, “Fish Prices and The Environmental Debate.”
  3. New York Times: DealBook Blog, “Wall St.’s Dinner With Obama: Hold The Scorn.” 
  4. Huffington Post: “Restaurant Critic Ryan Sutton Takes Tricky Menu Pricing to Task.” 
  5. Reuters Finance: “Do Good Reviews Cause Restaurant Price Hikes.” 
  6. New York Magazine: Grub Street, Gastronomics: “What’s The Value of a Great Review.” 
  7. “Food Critic Chews the Numbers of Menu Pricing.” 
  8. The Monocle: “Restaurant Price Hikes Difficult to Digest.”
  9. “Joel Robuchon Price Hike.”