DirtyDaddy Wants You Wasted Before Sunset

UrbanDaddy, the DirtyDaddy of deals, is offering unlimited tacos & margaritas at Agave, a West Village Mexican joint that you’ve always walked by but never into. Let’s keep it that way. The coupon costs $30 — not a whole lot of money. So why’s this a BAD DEAL? As always, let’s turn to the Dirty fine print:

  • "Offer is valid Mon-Fri for any two hours BETWEEN 4pm and 8pm." 

That means the deal is over no later than 8pm, at which time you turn into a pumpkin a useless sack of alcoholic stupor. That’s another way of saying unless you’re 350 pounds, and unless you typically fall asleep at 9pm, consuming UNLIMITED margaritas and UNLIMITED Tex-Mex fare will totally kill the rest of your DirtyDaddy night. The Bad Deal is a fan of happy hour. But we’re gonna go ahead and say drinking as much as humanly possible before 8pm is probably a bad idea. In fact, we think unlimited alcohol in general is just plain dumb. But let’s take this one step at a time. 

Our Advice: Walk around the corner with your buddy and hit up Alex Stupak & Lauren Resler’s Empellon. Share the life-changing lamb barbacoa tacos ($21), and mind-boggling beer-braised tongue tacos ($18). Order two cocktails each and you’re out $46 bucks apiece. Sure you’re spending more, but we at The Bad Deal believe GOOD FOOD is worth MORE MONEY. It’s a radical concept. So let the college kids go get bombed at Agave while you chill out at Empellon. 


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