Would You Tip $200 on $500 Sundae?

Serendipity has a long history of attracting long lines for mediocre desserts, so we won’t criticize their orthographically-challenged Frrrooozzeeen Hot Chocolate any more than we’ll criticize the Freudian Id for propelling humans to hit refresh on Rebecca Black’s YouTube video. What we will criticize is Gilt City’s $500 deal with this diabetes-fueled tween mosh pit. Specifically: 

  1. Gilt City isn’t just promoting Serendipity’s caviar-topped ice cream sundae at 50% off for $500; Gilt is calling the sundae “a masterpiece.”  
  2. Gilt City is recommending that diners tip on the original price of $1,000. It’s only fair, right? Wouldn’t want to stiff a waiter by ONLY tipping $100 on an ICE CREAM SUNDAE. Better give him the full $200 bucks to be on the safe side of this custard-based transaction.  
  3. Gilt City, a website that claims to have “combed through hundreds of neighborhoods, countless things to do and boiled it all down to the most sought after experiences,” is giving even more publicity to Serendipity, a publicity hound of an institution that’s been featured on Oprah and a [expletive omitted] movie with John Cusak. 
  4. Gilt City is promoting the perennially-packed Serendipity while good restaurants struggle to fill seats amid the shaky economic recovery. The opportunity cost of wasting your dollars at Serendipity is that better restaurants are suffering. 


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