Tumblr Shuts Down Storyboard 'For Now,' Says Editorial Team Is `Moving On'4

We’re sad to hear this news, as Storyboard was a brilliant experiment in journalism and we hope it returns soon. It’s part of what separated Tumblr from the rest of the social media and blogging community; Storyboard was curated and it was editorial. It was a coherent and human voice that Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter all lacked and still lack.

Storyboard was an effort to give a voice to and shed light on Tumblr users like Jay Batlle, who creates beautiful art out of restaurant stationary. Storyboard told fascinating stories like how Lombardi’s and Motorino managed to keep serving pizza New in the wake of Superstorm Sandy’s power outages. 

Stoyboard is why we know about the Letters to Newtown project. 

Journalism is at a crossroads right now. It’s never been the most profitable of business models. We hope that the good people at Tumblr, who have been in immensely generous in giving a voice to us at The Bad Deal and The Price Hike, will come to see the value in producing editorial content, in giving good work to good journalists, and in helping to foster an ailing industry that’s the one of the backbones of our global community. 


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