San Francisco's Best Chefs Hosting $250 Sandy Benefit Dinner & Silent Auction4

So Here’s the Good Deal, My Fellow Bad Dealers: Benu’s Corey Lee (two Michelin stars), Meadowood’s Christopher Kostow (three Michelin stars) and others will join Daniel Patterson at his (two Michelin-starred) Coi for Hurricane Sandy benefit dinner on December 3rd.

The price is $250 per person, all inclusive, for seven-courses plus wine. 

Here’s what’s even cooler: 100% of the receipts (not just the revenues) will go toward helping rebuilding Governor, as well as toward Occupy Sandy and The Mayor’s Fund to Advance New York (for hurricane relief). So you’ll be eating food from some of San Francisco’s best chefs and you’ll be helping out those hurt by Sandy. 

Ain’t no two ways about this. We have ourselves a GOOD DEAL. 


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