The $200 Eater Exclusive at Danny Meyer's North End Grill Might Be a GOOD DEAL4

Eater Exclusives is hosting its second, well, “exclusive” dinner at Danny Meyer’s North End Grill. The $200 per person ticket price includes wine pairings, tax, tip, and a fine four-course meal cooked by chef Floyd Cardoz. We’re big fans of all-inclusive “real cost” pricing here at The Bad Deal, so Meyer and crew are off to good start. 

Recall that the first Eater Exclusive dinner at Perla, which was advertised as being four-courses, clocked in at around seventeen dishes. So we’re inclined to say this North End Grill “family meal” MIGHT very well be a GOOD DEAL. Check out my solid 2.5 star Bloomberg News review of the ambitious Battery Park Goldman Sachs cafeteria restaurant. Also take note that as of publication, one of the two North End Grill dinner services is already sold out. 


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