Craigslister Selling $125 BBQ Passes for $400

Danny Meyer’s Big Apple Barbecue Block Party in Manhattan is kind of like GoogaMooga. Except with better food, better organization, and a better charity component, which is another way of saying it’s kind of NOT like GoogaMooga.

Still, the Block Party, which lets guests purchase $8 plates of meat smoked by pitmasters from across the country, is famous for its long lines, which is why there are $125 Fast Passes that let you cut the lines. That’s pretty cool. You get $100 worth of cashless food and beverage credits, which means you and your companion get to share around thirteen plates of BBQ, or fewer if you spend your Fast Pass dollars of drinks, which you should. That’s a STRONG BUY and a GOOD DEAL. 

Just one problem, those Fast Passes are SOLD OUT, as are the $500 Park Passes which have a stronger charity component, and which let you sample everything from a nice VIP tent in Madison Square Park. Of course, some Savy Sallies on Craigslist have been trying to scalp their passes for $150-$400, a markup that ranges from 20% to 220%. If these Wily Willies succeed in commanding such higher prices on a consistent basis, all the better reason to HIKE the Fast Pass price of entry next year. That would ensure the extra money goes to the Madison Square Park Conservancy, rather than to these Joe Schmoes on the secondary market. 

What do you think? Are the Fast Passes a BUY HOLD OR SELL at these $150-$300 levels? Your call, people of earth, and please do buy carefully when using Craigslist. In the meantime, check out my colleague Patrick Cole’s coverage of the event for Bloomberg News


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