Groupon’s ‘Cupcake Icing’ Sales Exceed $62,500

Some phenomena are beyond the scope of rational explanation. Why are we here? Why did we wear Z Cavariccis in 1992? Why did Angelina Jolie marry Billy Bob Thorton? The answers remain unclear. What is clear, is that human beings are idiots. So it goes that Groupon managed to sell over 2,500 vouchers at $25 each for a cupcake icing class, a total of at least $62,500 — hard to tell exactly how many vouchers were sold because Groupon has admitted to lying about their sales data.

Keep in mind that this is a cupcake icing class. If you mistakenly thought you’d be taught how to make cupcakes themselves, the stillborn afterbirths of the pastry industry, you’re shit out of luck. Instead, you’re taught the highly obscure technique of making frosting, which involves combining sugar, butter, milk and coloring in an [expletive omitted] Kitchenaid Mixer. Then you learn the most complicated form of molecular gastronomy known to humankind: applying the icing using a “swirl” technique. If this is your sort of deal, then we’ve got a “Cold Cereal Cookbook" that we’d like to sell you (first you add the corn flakes and THEN you add the milk). This is why people hate America. And this is most certainly why the Chinese are beating us at everything, except for cupcakes. The Chinese are probably okay with that. This has been a public service announcement from The Bad Deal. You’re welcome. 


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    I keep telling you that cupcakes are the devil.
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    It’s not false advertising but it comes close, lying by omission!
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    See, this is why I hate Groupon. True story. via
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    “This is why people hate America.”
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