L’Espalier’s $236 Menu Vs. Gilt City’s $259 Offer

L’Espalier, the critically-acclaimed “New England-French” restaurant in Boston’s Back Bay, serves six-course tasting menus for $105, or $190 with wine pairings. So after tax & 18% tip, that comes to $236. Sound like a good deal? Yeah, sounds like a great deal. 

Keep the above number in mind, because Gilt City is selling a deal that includes virtually the same menu and similar wine, for $259 (tax and tip included). This isn’t too bad of a deal, is it? Yep, it sure is; you could lose the full value of your meal if you don’t show up to the one-night-only affair on October 10th. What’s more, you’re locking yourself and your dining companion into expensive wine pairings, optional for everyone else. What do you get in return by ordering through Gilt City? Just some produce and a farm tour that takes place at 3pm on a Monday, when you’re probably at work. See below for the full risk vs reward breakdown: 

  • Gilt Price: $259 per person with tax tip, so $518 for two
  • Tradeoff #1: You lose the option of choosing your menu; shorter $85 options and longer $185 degustation menus are available to everyone else. 
  • Tradeoff #2: Wine pairings are optional for regular guests, but Gilt City locks you into them. You could save up to $90 per person by dropping the pairings. Or you could order an abbreviated paring for $65. 
  • Risk: You might lose the full value of your voucher if it isn’t redeemed on October 10th. And you’ll lose out on the farm tour if you can’t make it by 3pm on a Monday, when human beings typically work. Dinner starts at 6pm, when you’re likely still behind the computer as well. 
  • Reward: Free tour, produce to take home. 
  • Conclusion: BAD DEAL


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