about ryan

The Bad Deal and The Price Hike constitute the Quality Rye family of websites. We save you money by making the world more transparent. Here at The Bad Deal, we highlight culinary issues that are important to us, such as the debate over tipping, the lack of female head chefs, Hurricane Sandy relief, culinary start-ups, digital cookbooks and efforts to extricate so-called ethnic foods from the shackles of authenticity and the burden of being cheap. Our language is critical, mathematical and most of all, humorous. 

Ryan Sutton is the editor and founder. He’s the senior restaurant critic and data lead for Eater, where he works full time. From February 2006 until March 2014, he worked as a food critic for Bloomberg News. He is a proud graduate of Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs and George Washington University’s Elliot School of International Affairs. Ryan splits his time between Manhattan and Long Beach. Contact him on Twitter, Facebook, or at ryanpsutton@gmail.com.

We’re flattered that our sites have received a variety of generous offers, but right now we’re happy managing our portfolio of web properties independently.

The Price Hike and The Bad Deal are fully owned, operated and edited by Ryan Sutton, and no other individual or organization.